General information

Plot Area:    3 025 m2 of which 2 953 m2 covered by the building.
Building:       2 953 m
Number of floors:          2 floors

Building general info 

The net space area of the building is 2,953 square meters in 2 floors. Out of the above an area of 1781,6 m² is serving as a closed parking area and 806 m2 are serving as office premises and a retail space. The technical systems and the inner looks of the building were constantly renewed during the last two and half years– the heating center was renewed partially, replacing old heating elements, all windows and the roof were isolated already in 2003-2005, doors has been replaced, and the retail area has been renovated in 2012. The systems, including communication systems, are meeting today’s needs. The building main construction is made from concrete and silicate bricks, fundaments do lay on concrete block basis. The facade is covered with mineral roughcast. The buildings façade was freshly painted in light colours during 2013. The indoor car parking area is serving 65 cars parking places on the eastren wing of the 1st and 2nd floor of the building. The garage entrance is monitored through secured key tablets or remote control systems. All the systems of the building are serviced continuously by us.

Systems overview


Heating system

The building is connected to the city heating line. The heating unit and heating elements (heaters) have been primarly changed in 2005, parts of those has been rechanged in 2012. The heating radiators and the heating pipeline (that has been changed by Roosi OÜ) do meet today’s standards. The heating unit is also connected to the 2 ventilation systems – for business premises and retail premises. All systems are serviced and monitored regularely.

Water and sewage system

The building is connected to the city water and sewage system. Most sewage and water pipes were changed during renovations made in 2003, and in 2012 including tap water valves in the kitchens and toilets. Toilets and kitchen inventory were changed as well. All systems are being serviced regularely.

Ventilation system

The building is equipped with two separate ventilation systems (both with heat accumulation systems) – one serves the office premises, another serves the retail premises. Some of the office rooms have general forced ventilation system (without heating). Parking area is ventilated via roof ventilators.

Electricity system

The building has a main switch of 125A. Electric system was renovated in 2003 including among other things a fully renovation of the main shield, lamps and facade lamps.

Communications and security system

The building is equipped with modern communication systems. There is a possibility to connect to all main communication service providers via light data cable or regular cable. All the rooms in the building are covered with data and telephone line wiring for all of the workstations in the rooms.

All entrance doors are from metal and equipped with secured lock system. Some of the entrances to the building are controlled by the electronic key tablet or remote control. The remote opening system is monitored and controlled by our computer system.

The building has also automatic fire alarm system connected directly to the security company. All the rooms and areas are monitored with fire alarm detectors. System is maintained periodically according to the norms in Estonia.


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