General information

Plot area: 719 m2
Building: 1,820 m2 
Number of floors: 4 floors + full basement + 5th techincal floor


Building general info

The building has been built in 1982 and has been planned by a well known Estonian architect Vilen Künnapu. The net space of the building is 1820 square meters (basement+ 4 floors+ 5th partial technical floor). The technical systems and the inner looks of the building have been renewed by Roosi OÜ. The works were done during 2011-2013 - heating, water, sewage, AC-, DC systems were renewed and changed. We have as well upgraded the building fire systems and changed all the windows and the doors of the building. All the building infrastructure systems including communication systems, are up to dates norms and needs. The building is connected to all main communication providers via fiber optic cable. The main construction of the building is done from concrete and silicate brick and lays on the concrete block basis. All non-carrying walls are made from silicate brick or from fire protective and noise isolated gypsum boards. Roof and ceilings are made from concrete and panels. The façade is covered with mineral roughcast. The buildings façade has been recentely freshly painted under the advise of architect Vilen Künnapu.

The basement floor of the building is designated for serving as pub/bar. Floors 1st to 3rd are serving as office spaces. 4th floor of the building is designated for an hotel premises. The public elevator in the building is servicing floors 1st to 4th. All the systems of the building are being controlled and serviced continuously.


Systems overview


Heating system

The building is connected to and heated by the city heating line. All the heating pipes and radiators (Purmo) were replaced in 2012. A new central heating unit was installed in 2012. All systems are serviced regularly.

Water and sewage system

The building is connected to the city water and sewage system. Sewage and water systems were completely renewed in 2012. All toilets and kitchens were changed /refreshed. All systems are serviced regularly.

Ventilation system

The building does not have forced/active ventilation system in the floors 1, 2 and 4. In the basement the building has forced ventilation and in the 3rd floor all the office rooms have climate control units.

Electricity system

The building is equipped with – 165A main shield. Electrical systems were partially renovated in 2003 and 2012, including among other things: a modernization of the main shield in 2012, introducing sub shileds with meters etc` to all the office rooms in 2012. Partial inner walls wires were also replaced in 2012.

Communications and security system

The building has several main fiber optic data cables from the main communication providers. There is also a possibility to connect to other alternative communication service providers with a regular cable. All the rooms in the building are covered with data and telephone line wiring for all of the workstations inside them . All the lines are connected and managed through the a main communications center room.

All building main entrance doors are done from metal and equipped with extra secured lock system. The building has its own key system. Keys can not be copied. Copies could be done only in a certified key stores after providing the key system security card. The entrance to the building and to the elevator is controlled by an electronic key tablet. The usage of the system is monitored and controlled by our computer systems.

The fire alarm system is maintained periodically according to the norms in Estonia. Automatic fire alarm detectors are spread all over the premises.

The elevator

The building is equipped with an elevator (maximum 6 persons) that services floor 1st to 4th. The elevator is activated with an electronic tablet key. The elevator is connected to the fire alarm system and serviced and checked regularly according to the norms. Services are registered.


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