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Real-estate company that serves as an example for Estonian-foreign cooperation

Roosi OÜ an Estonian real estate company serves as a vivid example of fruitful cooperation in-between local forces and foreign investors.

It owns the plots of Tatari 56, Tatari 56b, Tatari 56c, Tatari 58, Tatari 58a and Tatari 47/Vana-Lõuna 2. The properties (totaling 12,361 m2 of land) are located at the heart of Tallinn central city district with 4 buildings placed on them. The total buildings net space is ca 11 000 m².

Since purchasing the plots above- Roosi OÜ is actively managing, developing, renovating and renting out its own premises. The above works are done by Roosi own workers or by hiring sub-contractors for specific chores. We are managing and renting out spaces to more than 90 different lessees, as well as ca 200 parking .The main headquarters of Roosi are located at Tatari 56b, Tallinn.

Faithfully Yours,
Vadim Kreitsman
General Manager

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Roosi OÜ | Tel: 605 7230 | E-mail: katerina@roosi.ee