General info

General info


Plot Area:                  6 386  m2, of which 5 795 m2 covered by the building.

Building:                   5 036,9 m2

Number of floors:       2 floors  + partial basement




Building general info


The building net area is 5036,9 m² (2 upper floors +basement). The building serves as  office/storage/gym building . The biggest storage space has an area of  ca 2000 m² and is currently used as a car model track. All public areas and partially rented out premises were repainted and refurbished during 2011- 2012. The roof covering and isolation has been re-done during 2011 summer. All the windows have been changed to new ones in 2015.  The old heating system was conserved and replaced partially by an electrical heating (radiator and air heating pumps) lately. Old water and sewage pipes have been partialy replaced and reorganized in 2012 and 2013. The building is constantly being serviced and improved by stages. Second floor office renovations took place during the first half of 2014.


Systems overview


Heating system

The offices are heated with electrical heaters or air heating pump system. There is a possibility to  re-connect storage rooms partialy to the building heating unit (connected to the city heating main system but closed at the moment). 


Water and sewage system

The building is connected to the city water and sewage system. All the toilets and kitchens are renewed. The car wash rooms located in the basement floor have their own sewage and cleaning systems. The water and sewage systems are being serviced and renewed part by part continuously.


Ventilation system

The building has no modern ventilation systems. Toilets have their separate forced ventilation system. Big storage premises are ventilated by roof ventilators.


Electricity system

The building has a main switch of 400A. Electric system was partially renewed in 2003-2005.  We  started to replace parts of the electrical system during 2013 and will continue doing so. 


Communication and security system

The building is equipped with modern communication systems. There is a possibility to connect to all main communication service providers via light data cable or regular cable. All the rooms in the building are covered with data and telephone line wiring.


All entrance doors are from metal and equipped with secured lock system.  Some of the entrances to the building are controlled by an electronic key tablet or remote control. The remote opening system is monitored and controlled by our monitoring computer system.


The building has also automatic fire alarm system connected directly to the security company. Most of he rooms and areas are monitored with a fire alarm detectors. By the end of 2017 fire alarm detection system will cover the whole building. System is maintained periodically according to the norms in Estonia.