General info

General info

General info

Plot Area:                  1 467 m2, of which  1 435 m2 covered by the building

Building:                   1 382,7 m2 net     

Number of floors:       2 floors  + full basement



Building general info


The building net area is 1382,7 m² (2 floors +basement). The building has gone through extensive renovation. On the 1st floor there are closed garages/storage premises with separate entrances. On the 1st floor there are different office and storage areas. On the 2nd floor there are office spaces with different areas and a gym. In the basement there is a shooting range. All  entrances to the building are equipped with security locks. The building is in an modern condition.


Systems overview


Heating system

The building is heated with electrical heating - radiators and air heating pumps.


Water and sewage system

The building has working water and sewage pipelines which are connected to the city water and sewage system. The buidling has newly built public toilets on all 2 floors.


Ventilation system

The building has no forced ventilation systems in office areas. The shooting range has a forced ventilation system as also the toilets.


Electricity system

The building has a main power switch of 100A. The electrical systems are all upgraded.All the rentable rooms have their own meter shield. All the wiring in the office part of the building is renewed.


Communication and security system

The building is conected to  all main communication service providers via light data cable. All the offices have the sockets for connecting to the communications lines. Some premises in the building are connected to the security systems and  have also automatic fire detection system. All the mian doors of the building are from metal and the locks are equipped wiht anti-copy coding system. Some of the entrance doors are operating via distance key tablets.

General info
General info
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General info
General info General info

Roosi OÜ,  Tel: +372 6057230,  E-mail: jekaterina[at]